Custom Jewelry Design & Creation

Do you have an idea for a pendant? Maybe you need a wedding band that fits perfectly against your engagement ring. Our jewelers have been designing, redesigning, and creating one-of-a-kind pieces for customers for over 40 years. From the moment you contact us with the idea of creating a piece that's uniquely yours, we work with you to make your jewelry designs a reality. 

How It Works:


1. Design Consultation

Creating an original piece begins when you sit down with one of our jewelers for a design consultation. Whether you bring in a picture of something similar to what you have in mind or you describe your idea while we sketch a basic design, there are a variety of ways we can start to make your design come to life.


2. wax sculpting

After finalizing the design concept we'll begin sculpting the design into wax to create a 3D representation of the design. Upon completion we'll have you come back in to see the piece before we begin the casting process. At this point we can make any last minute changes if needed.


3. Casting

Now we can cast the piece using the lost wax process, which involves several steps. First we pour ceramic into a cylinder holding the wax piece. The cylinder is then heated to 1300 degrees which both hardens the ceramic and burns away the wax, leaving behind a mold in the shape of the design. After the mold cools to 900 degrees, a centrifugal caster is used to quickly inject molten gold into the mold. The mold is then dissolved in water and the metal piece is "finished" ( filed, wheeled, cleaned, and polished ).