Looking for a watch that never needs a battery? As an authorized Seiko dealer we carry a variety of Men's and Women's watches from the Seiko Solar line. Simply recharge the battery by placing the watch under any light source.


Maybe you need something less expensive that's going to endure more wear and tear. We carry those watches as well. With a variety of styles and price ranges, we have a watch for every occasion.  

Now carrying Caravelle (from Bulova)



We also carry a number of Wall and Mantel Clocks from Seiko. Besides keeping meticulous time and being eye catching, each clock plays a number of tunes making the " Melody in Motion " line of wall clocks entertaining as well as functional. Each hour these clocks display the skill and craftsmanship we've come to expect from Seiko with a show of lights, music, and motion.



Watch Batteries & Repair

Whether your watch simply needs a battery or requires a whole movement, our experienced staff can help get your quartz watch working like new. We also remove links, replace crystals and pins, and reattach hour markers.